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Lackey, who has joined Wilk and Smith in demanding the end of public safety power shutoffs, called victory this legislative year after killing SB54, which would have allowed bars in pilot cities to remain open until 3 a.m.  “Not only have I dealt with traffic safety, I’ve worked these hours in question for over two decades,” said Lackey in September on the State Assembly floor. “I’ve sat in the homes of people to share the absolute worst news. People have lost loved ones because people were impaired.”
California needs even more ambitious climate change goals. That's the message 14 progressive Democratic lawmakers unveiled Monday as part of the California Green New Deal Act, which they call bold and big. “We’re not getting help from the federal administration, so it’s time for California to do what we do best: to step up and lead,” the bill’s lead author Oakland Democratic Assembly member Rob Bonta said. “Our children, Mother Nature, and the scientific community are all screaming at us to do more and to act faster.”
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) and Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) announced this week that they have requested a statewide audit of homelessness spending in California. The Joint Legislative Audit Committee will consider the request on February 19, 2020.
Most politicians will tell you that their primary focus is to listen to constituents’ concerns and try and improve the things that affect them most. However, whether they actually mean that is up for debate. Assemblyman Tom Lackey, however, seems to be more about getting things done, than merely talking about what he’d like to do.
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to reform probation in California would dramatically cut the amount of time criminals can spend under supervision, capping the maximum penalty at two years instead of five. He characterizes the proposal as one that would actually reduce crime by focusing resources in the first 18 months of probation and freeing up money for other anti-recidivism programs.